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10:38pm 10/01/2008
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01:46pm 24/03/2005
01:21pm 12/10/2003
  I just bought a Polaroid Colorpack II Land camera that supposedly is in working condition but I an't seem to figure out what kind of film it takes. Would anyone happen to know, or at least know where I can find out? Thanks so much.  
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10:08pm 28/11/2002
  Eeee! I got a dig cam. Now I am a cam whore, I have so many pictures. Anyhow, there are quite a few here, so be patient. :) Let me know whatcha think. [sorry for x-posting!!]

title or description kill me now


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digital cameras 
10:32pm 14/08/2002
mood: sugary tea!
i'm going to be taking a digital photography class this fall at VCU. in case i have to buy a camera, can anyone here recommend a digital camera that's $300 or less?
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free online photo album services? 
08:09pm 04/08/2002
mood: annoyed
does anyone know of any free online photo album services like altsense.net? i'm trying out altsense right now, and i'm not liking it too much.
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Cooling off in NYC.... 
04:55pm 04/08/2002
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09:57am 16/07/2002
  hey all, i'm carolinA from b-more/dc and have been doing b/w photography for the last 6 years; it's currently 1/2 of my double major at uni. my favorite subjects are people and i like manipulating my finished prints with things like bleach or tea, writing/painting on them, etc.

basically i joined the community to chat about photostuffs and get more inspired....i feel like for the long amount of time i've been up to this, i haven't explored as many ideas as i truly want to.
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Self Portrait 
08:45pm 10/07/2002
mood: creative
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10:12pm 08/07/2002
mood: content
hello *waves* I joined earlier today. I have always been inlove with taking pictures. Anything will do for me. I enjoy tkaing pictures of nature and flowers. I've been tempted to send some of my pictures into local contests, but never really got around to it. I plan on taking a course when school starts. I'm a freshmen so hopefully I'm allowed to take that class. hmmm what else... I don't know much about the whole professional thing, like the type of film and lenses that you use.I just use a regular camera, or disposables. I would post a few pictures today.. but my scanner has to be downloaded again because I reformatted my computer. Well, I think I said enough. i hopefully can post some pictures in the next few days.
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08:32pm 08/07/2002
  my name is cera. i've been into photography for 4 (ithink?) years, since my parents bought me a pretty decent camera for getting good grades in 6th grade. i now have a nice slr, i'm *supposed* to be helping a friend teach a photography summer class (and thus learning about apertures and the darkroom stuff), and i'm taking the photography course in school next year. but i don't have any way for my pictures to make it to the net yet (grrr...) and my process is still pretty much luck of the draw.  
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just saying hi 
08:52pm 07/07/2002
  hey, i'm justine & i just joined :) i shall post some photos i've taken recently later.  
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*Hey Grrls* 
11:00pm 06/07/2002
mood: nervous
Hello everyone. I'm the maintainer of this community, so I guess I am suposed to be the first to post. I hope that this will work out as well as I am hoping it too. I got the idea while looking around some diy/craft communities. So yup, post your photography, share tips, ideas, anything. But enjoy it!

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